A random selection of 4 one-of-a-kind laser-engraved maple snowflake designs mounted on cherry hexagons with hemp cord hangers. 


Note that although it may be similar, your snowflakes will not be quite the same as any others. We only make one of each design.


Each snowflake is unique, grown virtually in the computer from a tiny mathematical crystal. On the back of the mount the 'seed' number used to generate each individual snowflake is laser-engraved in a small recess. There is also a deeper recess in which to tuck the knot from the supplied hemp hanging cord.


Measures 6 cm from flat side to opposite flat side (point to point approximately 7 cm).


For the details on how they are generated, please see the Fire and Ice post on our blog. 


Also available individually.

Set of 4 Random Unique Snowflake Ornaments