Solid charcuterie/cutting board in walnut, maple and cherry. Two boards are cut from the same stock in order to minimize waste. Hand planed, sanded and finished with food-safe natural boiled linseed oil and pine resin.


Available in "Light" and "Dark" versions. "Light" features maple at the edges, walnut in the middle and cherry stripes between them. "Dark" features walnut at the edges, cherry in the centre and maple stripes between them.


In addition, there are two designs "Smooth" and "Angular" that fit together to reduce stock waste. The two designs use the same curves in a different order. The larger outer stripe meets the edge piece with a little sharper angle in the "Angular" design.


Due to natural variation in wood figure and grain all the boards have different character and will not match the photographs exactly.


Boards are at least 38cm x 26cm (approximately 15" x 10") but may be up to 5mm (1/4 ") larger in one or both dimensions to accommodate wood grain, machining, etc. Each board has an angled recess in each end to allow easy lifting.

Ribbon Cutting Board