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Keepsake Cremation Box

Walnut and Cherry Cremation and Keepsake Box

The client wanted a cremation box that could be used later for a keepsake box. We came up with a design that provides space for ashes in the bottom, with a divider and a tray for small items above. In the lid we embedded magnets to hold a picture frame.

This box is lined in cherry wood, which will darken from its current bright orange to a deeper rust with age and exposure to light. The interior components are also all in cherry.

The box hinge is made from a custom dowel cut from the same wood as the case and forms a single plane with the back of the box. The hinge is as strong as traditional brass hinges and provides a natural open position for the lid at a little more than 90 degrees.

The lid closure uses 8 magnets embedded in the front of the lid and the lower case. These provide a satisfying pull but will not hold against gravity.

In the inside corners of the lid there are more embedded magnets which hold the provided picture frame. There is a small notch in the back of the frame at the top to help you pull it out of the lid

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